Our Philosophy

We work to find companies that will be able to withstand and grow in any market condition. We believe our long-term approach of holding stocks for up to two years will provide us with the time needed for our stock picks to truly thrive. In our approach to investment decision-making, we ask questions at every step of the way. By considering all possibilities of performance, we believe we are optimally positioned for success. 

Investment Strategy

We use a combination of fundamental and technical analyses to evaluate investment ideas. Through our process, we perform both top-down and bottom-up analysis to narrow down macro-econimc and micro-economic factors. We then employ our research to isolate idiosyncratic opportunities in all sectors. 

Sector Coverage Breakdown

Consumer Goods & Retail: Food and Beverages, Agribusiness, Household and Personal Care Products, Restaurants, Tobacco, Apparel and Accessories, Luxury Goods

Energy & Utilities: Oil, Gas, Nuclear, Wind, Solar, Biomass, Geothermal, Renewable Energy & Other

Financials: Insurance, Mortgage Companies, Asset Managers, Bank and Finance Companies, Credit Card, Governments, Broker Dealers, Investment Firms

Healthcare: Healthcare Services, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Life-science Tools

Industrials & Natural Resources: Metals & Mining, Timber, Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense, Housing & Construction

Technology, Media & Telecommunications: Communication, Internet/Digital Media, Semiconductors, IT Services and Payments Processing, Software, Advertising and Marketing, Broadcasting, Entertainment, Publishing, Satellites, Wireless, Telecom Operators.