Our Education Methods

The Investment Management Group's core philosophy is that education is a lifelong pursuit and that without proper education, our members will not be able to realize their full potential. 

A majority of a member's education is gained through hands-on experience, exposure to different teams and self-initiative to explore beyond their knowledge horizon. Nevertheless, to properly equip each member for their role, our Development Team is charged with creating a comprehensive educational program. Headed by the Chief Development Officer, the Development Team holds training seminars, homework assignments and provides suggested readings and other educational resources that cover a range of topics necessary for the professional success of our members.

At the beginning of every semester, we host educational seminars that highlight an introduction to the financial markets, fundamentals of financial statement analysis, comparative analysis, discounted cash flow analysis and a primer on equity research. Any and all Baruch students are welcome to attend the seminars, but all new members are mandated to attend as it is a part of their core education.