Q. What is Investment Management Group?

IMG is a group of undergraduate students who manage a $300,000 real-money portfolio of stocks spanning across a variety of sectors: 1) Consumer/Retail 2) Energy 3) Financials 4) Industrials 5) Healthcare 6) Technology Media & Telecom.

Q. What is the organizational structure of IMG?

We have six Industry coverage teams, which include an Industry Director and three to four Analysts, and two specialized teams, Portfolio Management and Marketing. Industry teams perform research and pitch a long-only stock idea every two weeks; the Portfolio Management team manages the stocks voted into our portfolio, and the Marketing team is responsible for brand awareness and promotion of the club. The group is led by an Operating Committee, which oversees all the teams, handles training and recruiting, and general club activities.

Q. What is the application process to be admitted?

Admission to Baruch's Investment Management Group is highly competitive. The application process begins on this website during recruitment season, and we conduct interviews at the beginning of every semester for the new Analyst class. Those who attend the meetings regularly will be given priority. 

Q. What is the minimum GPA requirement?

A. Although we have no strict GPA requirements, our current members have GPAs in the range of 3.6-4.0.

Q. Do you have to be a Finance major to be accepted into IMG?

A. No, we seek to attract the top students every semester who demonstrate a strong interest in finance and a passion for the financial markets and research.

Q. If accepted into IMG, what sector will I be placed in?

A. Analysts are placed based on their interest and IMG’s needs. Generally, 90%+ of the Analysts are placed in one of their top three industry choices.

Q. What sort of training is provided?

Every semester we hosts a series of workshops designed to provide critical technical and financial analysis skills to Baruch students. The workshops are open to everyone, but are mandatory for new Analysts. See schedule for this semester's workshops and seminars.

Q. How many meetings do you have to attend?

It is mandatory for members (including Directors and Analysts) to attend all General Meetings, held every Thursday during club hours. It is also mandatory for new Analysts to attend the training workshops. Though there are no other formal meetings, individual teams meet throughout the week, at their convenience and with complete flexibility, to research and develop pitches.

Q. What if I don’t get in?

A. It is highly unfortunate that, due to limited spots, we cannot accept every qualified student into our team. However, we do place distinguished prospects into our Feeder Program for one semester, which allows them work closely with the Industry teams and develop their skill further. They are given priority when we seek to fill Analysts positions. Several of our current members, including Industry Directors, started in IMG as a Feeder Program Analyst.