Our Leadership


Co-CEO - Yosef Cohen

Yosef is a Financial Mathematics major who joined IMG as a Junior Analyst in the Energy sector. He was promoted to an Analyst and became the Director of Portfolio Management after one year. Yosef currently presides as the Co-CEO of the club. Yosef is also part of the Macaulay Honors Program and was a participant in the Financial Leadership Program. His work experience includes a research internship at a distressed debt hedge fund and a programming internship. He also spent time at Goldman Sachs as a Strategist/Quantitative Analyst in the Investment Management Division, to which he will be returning full-time. Hobbies include reading fiction, playing chess, and programming.


Co-CEO - Sharada Tangirala

Originally from Seattle, Sharada moved to New York to pursue a career in Finance. Freshman year she joined IMG as an Energy Analyst and is currently the Co-CEO of the club. Throughout her professional career she worked in tech, equity research, and investment banking. Recently she completed an internship at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and plans to return full time. She studies mathematics and enjoys tennis, hiking, and yoga.


COO - Kelan Betancourt

Kelan is a junior majoring in Finance and minoring in Philosophy. He joined IMG in his freshman year as an Analyst on the Healthcare team before being promoted to Director of Healthcare Coverage. In his current role as Chief Operating Officer, he oversees the day to day operations of the club. In Kelan’s freshman year, he spent his summer interning at a Venture Capital fund. In his Sophomore year, he completed an internship at JP Morgan in their Sales and Trading division. Next summer, he will be joining Morgan Stanley in their Global Capital Markets division. In his spare time, Kelan enjoys baseball, running, and reading.


CFO - Erik Kantar

Originally from Tottenville, Staten Island, Erik started attending Baruch College to pursue a career in Finance. Freshman year he joined IMG as an energy analyst. He is currently the Chief Financial Officer of IMG. Throughout his professional career he worked in Sales and Trading, Marketing, and Financial Consulting. Erik recently completed an internship at Scotiabank and has received a full time offer in Sales and Trading. He studies Political Science, Economics, and Journalism and enjoys photography, hitchhiking, and the men’s forum.


CDO - Brian Leisen

Brian joined IMG in the Fall of 2017 as an Industrials Analyst. before being promoted to Director of Industrials in the Spring of 2018. He currently serves as the Chief Development Officer of IMG. Brian works at Red Oak Partners LLC as a research analyst and is an incoming Summer Research Associate at RBC Capital Markets. His interests include boxing, poker, and fishing.


CIO - Max Baturin

Max was born in NYC, but moved to Moscow, Russia at age 10. He returned back to the U.S. to pursue an education at Baruch College, majoring in Finance and Investments. Max joined IMG in January 2017 and has worked in the Portfolio Management Team since then. Currently, he is the Chief Investment Officer and manages IMG’s portfolio with help from the PM team. Throughout his career, Max has worked at PwC, Societe Generale, NewBridge Securities, AXA Capital and Renaissance Capital. In his free time, he enjoys playing table tennis, riding motorcycles and watching gangster movies.